Sprint maps using ISSOM

Wood or park?

When deciding between the park symbol (402) or forest (405) in an area with some trees I use the type of ground. If there is grass I normally use the park symbol. If it is "foresty" i.e. with leaves, a few branches etc, I use the forest symbol. I also use forest if there is some hindrance, in park the runner must be able to run with 100% speed.
On the other hand, if the area has full tree cover it hardly meet the description of 402, open area with scattered trees and bushes. Using this measure the example on the left is forest (405), but I still find it "very open" and with extremely good runnability which is not necessarily the case of 405.

The decision between park symbol and single trees depends mostly on the feasibility of marking each tree/bush. If it is possible to do so without making the map cluttered, I mark each tree and bush. You can do this in open parks where trees and bushes are almost the only features.
It takes some time but nobody said that making sprint maps should be a walk in the park :-) A good base map is defenitely a big help.

Opdateret 24-9-2007