Sprint maps using ISSOM


According to ISSOM a passable wall can be up to 2 meters high. To me that is unrealistic high - even for a retaining wall that in theory can be passed in one direction. I use an impassable wall where it is impassable in either direction. If it can't be passed it is impassable - even if it can be passed in the other direction. Otherwise a runner risks being caught in a trap. A wall can change from passable to impassable.
The symbol for retaining wall which was found in the draft specification from 2003 does not exist in the final specification. A retaining wall must be drawn using the reall wall symbol (519.1 or 521.1)
(And no, the stone is in fact not high enough to be included in the map. It should not be there. Please pretend you haven't seen it...)

Opdateret d. 17.11.2006