Sprint maps using ISSOM

Wood and bushes

Trees with at trunk less than 0,5 meter in diameter is shown with a small green dot (419). There is no lower limit on the size so any size tree can be shown. In some cases this means that very small trees are included.
With ISSOM 2007 there is a small change. Now the tree shall be prominent. Are these two trees prominent? Well, I think they are. But the requirement that a tree (or bush) shall be prominent means that I hardly will use 419 in anything but open areas (401 or 403).

Some trees are so big and with so large a crown that reaches the ground that their appearance in the terrain is larger than the green circle of a large tree (418). In the terrain the circle is 4-5 meters in diameter but this is not sufficient for trees with crowns up to 30 meters in diameter. In this case I have used a white circle around the green making the tree seem bigger on the map.
But take care, I only think this should be used when the crown reaches the ground or in some other way is hindering the runners.

Also trees with a small trunk can have a crown making it necessary to mark this on its own.

In some cases several trees are standing so close together or have so dense crowns that the ground beneath them no longer is "grassy" but has "wood character". Especially coniferous trees can be found to do that. In that case I have also used the white forest (405).
Whether it should be forest (405) or park (402), please see the discussion here.

As there is no lower limit on trees there is no lower limit on bushes. Small bushes use the same symbol as small trees (419) but larger bushes should be drawn in form. In this example I first used the park symbol (402) for the whole area but then I decided to draw each bush and tree by itself.
But remember, according to ISSOM 2007 the bushes should also be prominent. I really can't say that these are, and should I redraw the map I'd go back to the park symbol (402).

Opdateret 24-9-2007