Sprint maps using ISSOM

What not to include

A single seat bench shall not be represented on the map! Neither shall waste baskets! Or street lamps, sign posts etc. It is (nearly) directly stated in chapter 2.1 of ISSOM. At least waste baskets, street lamps and sign posts are mentioned and benches is mentioned in the final draft from 2003. In that draft a general rule of thumb for a lower limit on features that shall be represented is 2x2 meters.

This bench arrangement is more than 2x2 meters but they are not included. Here the reason is that they can easily be moved - and they often are. The same argument goes for non-secured football goals etc.

Even on a sprint map the minimum height of a stone is 1 meter!

Telephone boxes are prominent but less than 1x1 meter. When grouped in two like this they do have a significant size but I didn't include them anyway. Either telephone boxes are included or they are not. If they are too small single they are still too small in pairs.

Finally an example of a feature that shall be represented. A bus stop. Again it is important to be consistent: either all bus stops are included or they are not. It can be surprisingly difficult to remember them all. Bus stops have a way of being very anonymous and are easily overlooked.

Opdateret d. 17.11.2006