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7th July 1999

There is still a requirement for a common interface standard of information exchange between different systems involved in orienteering competition administration and there is expectations from vendors and users that the project will solve some of their interface problems. It has been an in-active period since March and we have tried to restart whole project. A problem investigation with alternative solutions and consequences was hoped to act like a catalyst, but no effects of that have been seen yet.

Messages and attributes

There is a proposal for attributes published 1999-01-15 and we assume that it will cover the primary requirement of information.


Ian Watson has made a proposal for a XML-based syntax that we hope will give us back the active discussion from project start in October 1998. Ian has point out some alternatives to use the new XML syntax for out purposes.


We will also try to arrange an open meeting in the 5th of August close to WOC in Inverness.

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