Orienteering Interface Standards Project - Activties
Activity Finish date Responible
Kick-off seminar in Oslo 1998-10-18 Finn Arildsen
Project directive and organization documents 1998-10-31 Stefan Nordmark
Message and attribute list 1998-11-30 Pekka Linnainmaa
Syntax and message coding 1998-11-30 Terje Mathisen
Draft version of interface standard published 1998-12-15 Stefan Nordmark
»Offical phase starts 1998-12-15
Refinement of message and attribute list 1999-02-15 Pekka Linnainmaa
Refinement of syntax and message coding 1999-02-15 Terje Mathisen
»Official phase ends 1999-02-15
Final verson of interface standard published 1999-03-15 Stefan Nordmark
Establish the standard from the projects final proposal 1999-03-31 Finn Arildsen

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