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January 29, 2001

First IOF Interface Standard

The IOF Interface Standard draft for exchange of orienteering event information between computer systems is now near its first public version. This does not mean that there will be no further development of the standard. It is merely a framework that should be filled. Now we have reached a state where we need the software developers to try the standard and make their experiences. These experiences will then make way for future improvements.

Although the Data Standard describes the information involved in an orienteering event it is not well suited as a standard for the information sent between systems.

For this the Message Standard should be developed and this work is still missing. This standard should identify the different computer systems involved in an orienteering event and describe what data ("messages") that should be send between the systems. This is not an easy task as it should take into account the different interfaces that exisiting systems have. Therefore we need the software developers to make their experiences.

The most pressing tasks right now are:

  • Encourage the software developers to use the Data Standard
  • Develop a set of messages to standardize the communication between software systems
If you are a software developer then we would be very pleased if you would consider using the Data Standard and tell us your experiences with it. Especially we would like input to the kind of messages that should flow between the software systems.

If you otherwise are interested, please take a look at the standards and tell us you meaning.

Shortly, we hope to establish a discussion forum on this site for the discussion of the standards.

If you have any comments, please send your comments to one of the following:

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