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April 7, 2002

IOF Interface Standard frozen

During the last month and a half no changes have been necessary to the data standard. It seems that we have reached a point where stability is more important than rapid reaction to new suggestions. The stability is especially needed to give the implementing software vendors time to finish the implementation.

Therefore the standard is now frozen at its current version (2.0.3). This means that there will be no more changes this year. Next winter we will evaluate the standard and the implementation to see what needs to be changed. The timeframe will be:

  • April - October 2002 : Implementation and gaining of experiences from practical use.
  • November - December 2002 : Evaluation and discussion of next version.
  • January 1, 2003 : Next version of the standard is ready.
We hop that especially the World Cup 2002 Result Project will provide valueable experience as this makes heavy use of the standard to collect results from the different World Cup events.

If you are a software developer then we would be very pleased if you would consider using the Data Standard and tell us your experiences with it.

If you otherwise are interested, please take a look at the standards and tell us your meaning. Send your comments to one of the following:

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